Over 30 Years Experience

RATE: $125 an Hour

I also take Employee and Personal Injury claims on a Contingency Fee bases.

I also provide ongoing consultations for a flat monthly fee. Plans tailored to the individual needs.

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Office Phone: (619) 928-3478

My Office Address is: 9747 Businesspark Ave. San Diego, California 92131

My name is Arthur Sloane. I graduated from the University of San Diego School of Law in 1983. Since then I have been catering to and helping both employees and employers, individuals, start-ups and growing businesses in Southern California. I maintain a modest office and as a result I am able to charge a lower hourly rate.

My law practice is diversified and my areas of practice include business litigation-successfully representing both Plaintiffs and Defendants in Federal and State Courts; employment matters, employee vs. independent contractor issues, drafting contracts, reviewing contracts, buying and selling a business, franchise matters, real estate matters,, corporate matters, partnership matters, corporate and partnership formation, securities matters, government contract matters, construction matters, and a wide variety of other litigation.

I further advise Clients in their business matters and how to set up their business and contracts. Moreover I provide insight of over 30 years experience when reviewing contracts and providing my negotiation skills for Clients.

Everyone should consult with an attorney before they commit themselves to any obligation and/or sign any contract. Moreover, before you think you are heading to litigation, you should call me to try to avoid litigation and resolve the matter. I am here for you, at a very reasonable/affordable rate.

Call my Office---The Law Office of Arthur Sloane-- for a Free Initial Consultation at (619) 928-3478

I look forward to meeting with you and helping you with your matter.